Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2017 Men’s Round-Robin Summary

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Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2017

Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2017 is underway. The viz below shows the summary of the Men’s round-robin games. It will be updated daily through November 7th.

This year’s Pacific-Asia Curling Championships is hosted by Australia. There are 9 men’s teams and 6 women’s teams. For this year only, the top 3 teams will be qualified for the World Curling Championships 2018. While this viz will be updated daily, please visit the event page for the latest results and live scores.

Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 20177

Point Won Average / Point Lost Average (Experimental)

These are not official statistics but experimental measurements to look at each team’s performance based on the average of points won or lost per game. Since not every game is played 10 ends, the points are weighted by the inverse of the number of ends played. Its concept is similar to how a pitcher’s ERA is calculated. For example, if a team won 8 points and the game was only played 9 ends, then the Point Won Average (PWA) is 8 x 10/9 = 8.89 points. The Point Lost Average (PLA) is calculated similarly. The chart is sorted by the Point Difference Average ( PDA = PWA – PLA ).

I’m not sure how useful these statistics are yet. Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think. Thank you!

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